Fresh Link Fhung Schway

Billie Bean is not my lova.

It is therefore the official position of the Church of Reality that God does not exist until such time as God chooses to reveal himself to all Realists and come out into objective reality in the real world. Should God come out into the real world then we as Realists will instantly become theists and will do whatever God commands us to do. Until that happens then either God does not exist or it is God’s will that Realists don’t believe in him. Either way – this is the correct choice.

Fun idea, although reality is just as tricky as God…once you start trying to pin it down.Last election day, Sa Rah swore that her Diebold voting machine registered her for a Bush vote even though she didn’t vote W. Only upon double-checking her votes did she discover the error and go back to change it.

This shall be a blog I enjoy to the fullest.

Fresh Link Fhung Schway

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