Weekend Relate Update

The weekend was quite pleasant. Watched Batman Begins Friday night. Enjoyable. A bit too long – sort of felt like two movies in one. I did enjoy the choice of villain(s) and the use of Arkham. That was fun. Had a surprise party to go to on Sat. night. For Sa Rah’s brother, Bart. Went over swimmingly. He was surprised, entertained and I’m sure quite happy to have such good family and friends. Spent some swell time with my loverly wife. Played with our kittens. They loved the attention. Played up to level 6 of this game: http://www.playfate.com, which made me quite nostalgic for Diablo II so I loaded that up and started a new character. Gotta be one of my favorite vid games of all time. Others in this list of faves include:
Super Mario Bros.

Aliens vs. Predator
Life Force (Fave Vid Ever)

Sometime during ’95 my appeal for vids dwindled and it’s never really come back. Until Diablo II, that is. Dodo, Fly, Eco and I played the holy hell (pun intended) out of that game. And, almost 5 years later…on a chilly, fall evening, that game still gripped me. Here’s an idea I had for a Diablo spin-off:
Diablo: Inferno,
whereby the fundamentals of the game design and play are the same, but the plot of the game follows the plot of Dante’s Inferno. Your character goes through 9 circles of increasingly difficult play. Each circle features plenty of memorable characters (damned souls) and mini-bosses (demons) and the ultimate final boss: Dis/Lucifer trapped in a lake of ice. What a game. Hell, you could even tie-in the poem and make it a learning tool as well. Nothing teaches kids better than a hack-and-slash dungeon crawl.

Another idea for a game I had is an MMORPG called Zombieland. Essentially, your character would start as a lucky survivor of a zombie plague that has effectively zombiefied 90% of the world’s population. Your sole purpose is to avoid becoming a zombie yourself (and there would be plenty of quests to fill in the downtime when you’re not fighting for your life). You would actually start the game in your current city and from there you could travel all over the country/world in your fight for survival. The environment would be dynamic in that you could enter any building – set fire to buildings (or entire cities, forests, etc.) – deal with bad weather (probably concordant with current weather conditions), hang out in a cave or on top of a skyscraper or try to find a deserted island from which to rebuild society. You could group together with other players to form a survivor’s encampment or become a roving zombie hunter. If you lose a fight to a zombie you become a zombie – and you could, in theory, become one bad-ass zombie.
Anyway, I think both games would be entertaining as hell.
Any game designers want to give it a go with me?

In other news,

Killing Thomistic theology?


Hmmm… Your best games list is pretty close to mine… I played Diablo 2 for a long time. I’d have to put Zelda in there too. Have you checked out http://www.urbandead.com? It’s a text-based version of your zombie game… Not very fancy.

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Weekend Relate Update

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