being dialated makes me sleepy

so i got dialated this morning and fell asleep in the eye doc chair, thinking it’d be 10 minutes or so before the doc got there.50 minutes later –

i wake up.
i open the door.
i find a eye doc assistant and ask if the doctor will soon be there.
“you’re next.”
i got an almost hour-long nap.


i might have to find a new eye doc. remember what happened last year?

[there will be a link here someday, someway -jpp]

In other news,

This new racism of the developed world is in a way much more brutal than the previous one: Its implicit legitimization is neither naturalist (the “natural� superiority of the developed West) nor culturalist (we in the West also want to preserve our cultural identity). Rather, it ‘s an unabashed economic egotism—the fundamental divide is the one between those included into the sphere of (relative) economic prosperity and those excluded from it.

being dialated makes me sleepy

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