Soon, being an educated Kansas will be an oxymoron.

Don’t believe me?
Check it.

In other news,

Their [students using computers] electronic experiences have led them to expect to see these things happening—all at once and with no effort on their part. This distortion can also result from a diet of television and movies, but the computer’s powerful interactive capabilities greatly accelerate it. And the phenomenon affects more than just experiences with the natural world. It leaves students apathetic and impatient in any number of settings—from class discussions to science experiments. The result is that the child becomes less animated and less capable of appreciating what it means to be alive, what it means to belong in the world as a biological, social being.

The moral: Don’t give up recess to get computers because you can’t play Kiss Tag on-line. Or Smear the Queer.


Soon, being an educated Kansas will be an oxymoron.

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