Nineteen Ninety-Seven

That’s when the ads starting appearing.
I didn’t notice at first.
Then I did notice. There, squeezed in between “Maybe it’s Maybelline” and “Toyota’s Got It!”, purple pills and blue pills and happy pills and hard-on pills and pills to make you feel like you had the skills to pay the bills.
Then everyone I knew was on one brand or another. (Sometimes one brand after another.) And, like fad diets, the pills worked, then didn’t, then did then SWITCH then didn’t then SWITCH then did then SWITCH SWITCH SWITCH.
Now the ads are ubiquitous, unnoticed – awash in pharmarketing.

In other, less medicated, news,

Doug and Jes’s wedding was a grand ol’ time. We spent the entire weekend at The Elms Resort & Spa, relaxing with the wedding party and guests. Sa Rah took a gang of photos and I’ll share a few with you today or tomorrow. We actually had such a pleasant time we’re thinking of making it a yearly occurrence. Reserving a block of rooms and just getting away for a weekend.
All of the groomsmen and the ushers played TX Hold ‘Em Saturday PM before the wedding. I lost 5 bones. Damien won the pot – a whopping 45 ducats.
Good luck to both of you, newlywedded.

Nineteen Ninety-Seven

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