Oh man, last night we went into 2001 Oakland

which is a swell home that’s for sale in our neighborhood. With just a bit of grunt work, some lucky people could have a stunning abode.

One of the coolest things about the home (but also the thing that might make buyers wary) is that almost everything in the house is original. There’s carpet down, which isn’t original, and there were some hideous updates to the upstairs bath – but there is an original thermostat:

Yup, that’s a Honeywell mercury thermometer hooked right up there.

In other news,

World of Warcraft players better break out their SARS masks. This story makes me smile something fierce. I love the thought of an e-plague devasting a MMORPG. I love the evil bastards who break curfew just to spread their dirty little sickness to low-level characters. What some high-level characters need to do is band together to wipe out those spreading the plague and be honorable enough to kill themselves should they become infected, like in a zombie movie.
(Thanks, Dodo.)

Oh man, last night we went into 2001 Oakland

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