8/24/05 Regional Bartending Championships

8/24/05 Regional Bartending Championships

First, I must apologize to the competitors because I was late to the party so didn’t get a good enough seat for photos of the first few bartenders.
Second, I didn’t catch anyone’s name – only their locations.

Now – for the show:

Barman from Omaha:

Barman from Independence, MO (where the event was held):

Barman from New Mexico (I believe):

And all those cats were good – damn good.

But then, from out of the rain, comes Craig, slinging a bottle opener like it was a pistol and he was the marshall come to clean up this dirty town.

Craig deemed those prior moves not enough to seal his victory.

So he busted out his finishing move.

Here’s Craig’s thanks and explanation of what happens next.

8/24/05 Regional Bartending Championships

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