Yesterday morning, Sa Rah and I found out we’re gonna be parents

Last night, the new kids were delivered.

May I proudly introduce to you:


and Kung Fu


Hey, jdoublep…longtime lurker, first-time commenter.

Can you divulge where you got Karate? If the kitty’s a she, it’d be a dead ringer for a cat that my girlfriend & I turned over to a vet ( who was going to turn her in to a shelter after examination ) about a month ago. She seemed to be a stray, & was unhealthy ( we couldn’t keep her, hence the trip to the vet ) .

Anyway, the pic you posted looks JUST like her. So I was just curious…because what are the odds I’d see the same cat on the Web a month later? It’d be pretty unlikely, I’d think!

Posted by: DiggityDawg

we got both kittens from my boss, who lives up by Cliff Drive in old Northeast. Cliff Drive is a common spot for people to drop off unwanted animals. a few years ago the same boss found a stray hound mix and she gave him to my friends and i. karate is a female and she’s about 8 weeks old. our vet told us both kittens seemed to be very healthy considering they were strays.

Posted by: jdoublep

Ah..sounds like a case of mistaken identkitty ( heh ) then.

Sure was weird when I was scrollin’ down the page & saw the pic, though. lol.

Posted by: DiggityDawg

Yesterday morning, Sa Rah and I found out we’re gonna be parents

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