I missed Bacon Shoe Bingo

But thankfully, Gimpson went and took good notes. (That’s not a direct link – ol’ gimpysoft.com is blocked from work. Way to be block-worthy, Ry!)

Instead of BS Bingo, I took Sa Rah out for supper and a movie. She’d had a bunk day at work. We grabbed some Italian down in the River Market at the Al Dente Cafe. Cute joint. Then we slid on down to Crown Center and wandered around there for a while, where we saw evidence of bird flu

KC’s former glory

and future urban wonders.

After wandering around the hotel for a while, exploring the luxury suites and the bathrooms and the gardens…did you know that Crown Center was built into the side of limestone and shale bluffs and that some of those bluffs are incorporated into the hotel itself? We didn’t…we watched Terry Gilliam’s The Brothers Grimm. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it quite a bit, actually. The visuals are notably Terry. The story (which most of the critics are having a hey-day with) isn’t quite on par with some of TG’s other films, but it isn’t as incoherent as some would have you believe. On the contrary, we were rather compelled by the tale. Not a perfect film by any means (there’s not a lot of depth – the critics are right in that), and not one of Gilliam’s best (precisely due to that lack of depth), but most definitely enjoyable and worth a trip to the cinema. (Sidenote: If you’ve never read unpolished Grimm, you’re in for a surprise.)

Before the film started, the trailer for Emily Rose ran. What a creepy-looking film. Creeped me out enough to want to look further into the “true” events on which this upcoming film is based. The search led me here and then to here where you can download a video clip of a Russian exorcism. Now, back to Emily Rose – or Anneliese Michel – she was epileptic and a highly religious person before she began having her visions and thinking she was possessed. Her hallucinations started her freshman year of college – 18/19 – when schizophrenia most often strikes. Can you imagine the terror of being a schizoid epilectic?

Finally, to end this filmic-themed post, last night by sheer happenstance we caught on Starz Dirty Pretty Things, directed by Stephen Frears (High Fidelity, Dangerous Liasons, My Beautiful Laundrette). I remember hearing about this film when it was released and wanting to go see it simply because Amelie stars and I think she’s brilliant…but let me tell you, kids, this is a very well-made film. The basic story involves two London illegal aliens and how their lives become intertwined while they deal with the realities of being illegals. It’s a love story (of sorts) but not a romance. All-in-all, the film is a human interest story and managed well from start to finish. Sa Rah and I were both highly impressed.

I say Good Day.


and I was about to ask if you watned to see Grimm tomorrow…. 😉

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I missed Bacon Shoe Bingo

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