Thanks from C-Reg

I would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you that showed up in Independence for the Regional Championships. Without your support, I undoubtedly wouldn’t have walked away with the extra-special ‘The Man’ prize of the evening. As many of you probably aren’t aware, a large portion of the points are allocated if ‘audience response’ and ‘audience interaction’ is high; all of you ensured that I was maxed out in this regard. While these bartending competitions are far from my life goal, I really enjoy it, and you have helped me–as a result of my victory–secure a spot on a nationally traveling bar exhibition team (at the pay rate of nearly one ‘k’ per week, I might add). Among the various accolades, I am currently rated fifth among those seeking to upset the reigners in the Bartender World Championships (starting in mid-October, details soon). To make a long story short (too late I realize), I can’t properly express my thanks for the support you gave me; morally, intoxicatingly, and screamingly (if that actually was a word, that is). I won’t forget it.The man who drops bottles–


I had no idea that crowd amazement was a deciding factor. He had the crowd in awe. Got the photos downloaded last night. Now I must try to make them pretty and show them to you all.

Thanks from C-Reg

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