Although summer doesn’t officially end until Sept.

All those years of starting school coupled with the onset of ragweed allergies that keep me inside from the end of August through the end of September means that the end of August signals the end of summer to me.Thankfully, we got to have one last blast at the Lake of the Ozarks for a fine farewell to a summer that brought many changes and passed waaaaay too fast for my liking (not to mention that it didn’t hold any summer road trips).

Ah well…summer’s ending for me and here are a few photos of the family enjoying some time together:
Breeze is growing up too durn fast

We rented a wave runner for the day. My first time on one.

We also tubed behind my uncle’s pontoon. The rope was dragging a bit and slowed things down so we had to make the tube a bit more exciting.

Matt was loving the wave runner.

Trav drove like a wild man – almost knocked Amber off.

Trav and Amber zipping around in the wake behind Sa Rah.


Although summer doesn’t officially end until Sept.

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