STL – 2nd Presidential Debate

The drive down to St. Louis went schmoove.


And the skies cleared to make way for presidential racing.

beauty in industry

The STL was ready.

Night was nigh upon us.

We made our way to America’s Center for the debate-watching party.
Sa Rah bought a Ketchup Lovers for Kerry Button.

And she wondered what a winner tastes like. (Hi, Bean!!! We made it home safe and sound.)
like chicken

For some reason, I hadn’t expected so many folks. These are the lines to get in.

Security was secure.

(They actually warned me that my camera would be confiscated if I continued snapping photos of the guards.)

A lot of folks came out to watch the debates, cheer, hiss, boo, and rally.

There were Vets for Kerry, Gays for Kerry, and even Women for Kerry.
furry women

Sa Rah turned to me at one point to say, “Oh what shall we do if the loony wins again?”

Then she saw this hopeful couple
springs eternal
and smiled.

I remained stoic.

No, I didn’t.

I soon grew tired of banner-waving and decided to make my support fashionable.

Never much one for fashion, I try to make my support sexual.

That, too, fails, so I just go for the old, “I’m a crazy mofo and I get to vote” look.

Kerry showed up to rally after the debate.

I’d never been to a political rally this close to election day. The vibe was volatile.

Kerry seemed strong and I marveled at the stamina both he and Bush must have to keep up this schedule (even moreso the President – he’s got to preside during the entire mess).

Afterwards, the evening seemed a little different. Kerry’s a politician. Of that we were sure. But, however illusory, it felt incredible to be involved in the process for a brief amount of time.
Oh, and STL, thanks for asking such damned good questions.

STL – 2nd Presidential Debate

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