Away for the Weekend

Once again, we’re going out of town for the weekend so I’m taking the afternoon off and leaving you with a list of things to occupy your time. We’re heading down to STL to visit my good friend, Bean, watch the debates (not live, but the vibe in STL should be nice), go to the wineries, and generally enjoy some October-like goodness. Without further ado, I present you with…

Interesting Tidbits From Around the ‘Net That You Should Use Sparingly So They Last All Weekend

(but I know you won’t spread the joy out – you’ll eat everything up at once…)

1 – Local blogger Randy Rathburn links up to a video of Cheney checking out Edwards’ bootylicious daughter.

2 – Guess who’s coming to KC? That’s right, Elaine Pagels, Grade A Theological Scholar. This should be one interesting discussion. I haven’t read the new book, but I hope it’s out in paperback so I can. I’m too cheap to pay $25 for a hardcover.

3 – Fraction posts some real slick spots he helped make for the Gravity Games.

4 – There’s some crazy damned story on NPR right now about Bush shutting down dissenters at his rallies. I’m sure you can google it later. Never mind. I found it for you.

5 – If’n you ain’t heard, there’s some kinda “gate” a’brewin’. (You may have to grab a free pass from Salon, but it’s an interesting article – though BS it may be.)

6 – Last night was so nice and relaxing. We ate some homemade bruschetta and lounged hard. Sa Rah wanted to watch a scary movie so we dug through our film collection and I busted out with Audition. Not that scary, but groooooooooooss. We really didn’t have too many scary movies. Ginger Snaps, Nadja…if those can even be classified as scary. I think The Fog of War is scarier than both of those flicks. We did have Ringu, but decided to save that one.

7 – I am so glad Skip got some props.

Well, I should probably devote myself now to my job. Have a good weekend, kids. See you in a few days.

Away for the Weekend

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