A letter to the Pixies

Dear Pixies,
I didn’t think you’d sound quite so incredible last night so I thought I’d write you a letter and tell you just how good you made me feel. I don’t know why I didn’t expect such a phenomenal show. I mean, I’d read all the reviews that said just how tight your recent shows were. Maybe it’s just cause I’d never seen you play before…maybe it’s just cause I forgot how much I loved your songs…maybe it’s just that Sa Rah and I were so tired from staying out till 1 the night before that your entire set seemed like a dream…I don’t know, but damn, did you ever sound incredible.
Thank you, Joey, for thrashing the guitar solo on ‘Vamos’. I’d forgotten how I always wanted to know what you did to get that sound.

Thank you, Frank, for somehow still being able to manage wailing like a punk-rocker on ‘Tame’ yet hit the high notes of ‘Caribou’ without once slipping.
Thank you, Kim, for providing the haunting backing vocals on ‘Where is My Mind?’ and for looking so damned happy to be playing.
Thank you, David, for really letting me see how integral your work is to the band, for tearing up ‘UMass’, and for not dropping the drumstick that Joey thew to you.
Thank you, Pixies, for staying on-stage after your set and accepting the standing ovation that the entire theater gave to you because your band really is that essential to the rock and roll canon. Thank you for playing the first song of yours that I ever heard, ‘Wave of Mutilation’ (the version from Pump Up the Volume), and thanks for playing ‘Hey’, my favorite of all your songs. I honestly didn’t expect either one. And hearing ‘Hey’ live almost made me cry (it’s a sad song, you know?).
Pixies, you were one of the first bands (actual bands) I ever fell in love with. Dodo turned me on to you when I was 18. Funny enough, I actually turned Dodo on to some of your albums that he hadn’t heard. Dodo missed your show last night and that makes me kinda sad. When you’ve loved a band since you were 14 or 15 (like Dodo has), and you’ve never seen them live before…well, you get the picture. I hope you come back through so Dodo can go.

Pixies, Sa Rah wanted me to ask you, why is your band one of the few real rockin’ bands that crunchies (you know, neo-hippies) really seem to get into? Your sound is pretty much post-punk (thrashin’ guitars, wailing vocals, and short in length) and although your tunes are melodic, riff-a-licious, and, I think, very psychedelic, they don’t really seem like typical fare for the jam-band crowd. I told her I just thought that your music is too good for anyone to really pass up, even crunchies. I know when I first got into you was right before I entered my Phish phase and my love for your music has outlasted any of the love I had for crunchy bands.
Anyway, I’m sorry I’ve taken up so much of your time, Pixies. I know your schedule is packed and you’re all pushing 40 and tired. Probably nothing I do will ever suffice to let you know how much your music has meant to me over the years. So I can only say “thanks.”
Your fan,
ps. Please tell The Thrills that we enjoyed their set as well. They’re not quite so standard live as on CD.


wow- i bet that show was straight up ROCK!

Posted by: kari.blueberry at October 3, 2004 11:21 AM

GD it. Why the flug didn’t I go to this show? I guess I’ll make up for it by listening to Doolittle all day long on repeat.

I’m such an ass.

Posted by: toby at October 4, 2004 10:28 AM

A letter to the Pixies

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