Things for Thursday

This is most excellent:
The Pitch this week publishes one of Sa Rah’s blog entries. Look under “Net Prophet” towards the page bottom.

Tonight, there will be a debate-viewing party at Downing’s Grill in KC. Sa Rah hooked everything up and the event is getting a bit of publicity from 96.5, The Buzz.
Don’t internalize this election, folks. Democracy=Community, so come out and have a beer, watch these two rich, white men talk about their plans for our future, your future, and then discuss what’s been said with other civic-minded people.

Later tonight, The Dead Enders are playing at Davey’s Uptown. I’m helping to film this show so if you want to hear some good rockenrole and be part of a local band’s promo video head over to Davey’s after the debates.

Things for Thursday

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