There’s something deviantly nice about having the afternoon off

I go into work yesterday morning and my boss says, “Take off at noon and here’re some free movie passes for you and Sa Rah (if she can take off).”
I grin and thank her and run away before she can change her mind. The downside to my haste is that I think I may have to go into work sometime today to make sure some travel arrangements were taken care of in my absence.
I e-mail Sa Rah to see if she can take off at noon and she can so we do and we decide we want some garlic mashed potatoes and wine.
The wine was yum. A Chilean table wine.

The taters were gone before I could snap a photo. That’s ok, those bastards gave me high blood sugar anyway.

Then we went to check out engagement rings so I could have some idea of what Sa Rah liked. She doesn’t wear jewelry and the whole looking for rings thing was humorous for both of us but we did see some pretty things. Jewelry salespeople remind me a lot of car salespeople (except for Nice Guy Tony). You can’t just look and ask questions – OOOOOOOOOOOOH no – God forbid you want to check out another store’s inventory/prices. I swear, when they found out we weren’t looking to buy it was like taking a pacifier from a baby. Their faces contorted to a point where we thought they would cry. Sorry, but who the fuck buys an engagement ring for their honey with her standing right there? And if you the fuck bought an engagement ring like that then you, sir, are an offense to reason and your honey has no class.

After rings, we went to see my momma, brothers, and niece. My niece is a monkey.

Then came nap time. Perfect way to cap an afternoon off.

We had all these plans for last night but wound up just relaxing at home. Burnt out from the week and lazy from the afternoon, I suppose. Thought about going to see Honey Baby at Davey’s Uptown or going to Funkytown to share some drinks with the KCRW. Instead, we hung here at the Creepy Crawlie Compound, told each other stories, smooched, and finally slept.

It’s raining this morning and I wonder why I’m up writing instead of sleeping in with the storm.

This afternoon – lunch at the Sahara Café for Sa Rah’s brother’s b-day, then our Sept. meeting of the CES, Sa Rah’s got roller derby practice, I’ve gotta mission to run while she’s at practice, and tonight is Jes’s 30th birthday party. Maybe all that’s why we decided to keep it chill last night.

In the end, I leave you with this – a post by Matt Fraction that’ll make your kneecaps tingle from election time blues cum folly .

There’s something deviantly nice about having the afternoon off

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