Time and 8 million pennies

There’s time, time, time for everything. That’s what I know. Everything under the sun and moon and stars and comets and covers. Time for everything. I once went with my family to NYC and as we walked along the streets, packed as we were like namelessones, I heard a voice, slightly off and semi-retarded, begging through the crowd, winding in and among the shoulder-to-shoulder pedestrian traffic, weaving in and out of strides and bouncing into all of our ears, “A peddy pleathe? A peddy plethe?” We walked closer to the voice and there in the middle of the sidewalk was a beggar in a beige raincoat sitting spread-legged now my thoughts are fuzzy and my brain racing a million miles an hour because even though high blood sugar makes you sluggy it can sometimes send your brain a’ racing and when I say now, I mean right now, not back when I saw that beggar because my folks decided to walk right over him and didn’t much pause. I was young, 10 or 11, I think, just big/small enough for both of my feet to fit in between both of this man’s v-shaped legs. I looked over at the man and he vacantly stared off across the street – no idea I was looking at him. Yet he continued speaking, begging through his unkempt beard, a broken 45 on 33, trying to get change, a penny, if you please. Just a penny. If every person in NYC gave this dude 1 penny he’d have, what, 8 million or so? 80K. That’s amazing. Is there time for that even? Time enough to collect a penny from every NYCer? There’s time, time, time for everything. You can do it all. Stuck in that chair. In front of that monitor. “Predicting human behavior is an extremely difficult art” according to someone on NPR and is there time enough to figure out humans as well? We’re tricky critters. Determinism does not imply inevitability.

I have a free moment.
I’ve written.
To my dismay, writing does not help in any way to normalize one’s blood sugars.

Do you how beautiful my girlfriend is?

Do you know where you’re going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?

Time enough for Mahogany, belee’dat.


She’s a booty beauty, fo’ sho’.

Posted by: panajane at September 15, 2004 08:21 PM

Time and 8 million pennies

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