Pause, breathe, chew

Yesterday was filthy busy at work so I took a break from the comp last night to relax the eyes, the mind, and spend some much-needed lazy time with Sa Rah. We filled our bellies at Sahara Café which, for our money, beats Jerusalem Café any day of the week. While we ate, a couple of very interesting boys came into the restaurant. Both mine and Sa Rah’s gaydar went off as soon as these gents walked into the joint. The Sahara Café isn’t too big of a restaurant (I think the building is an old Taco Bell) so we heard one of the boys (“boys” because they were young – late teens would be my guess – 20, 21 at most) talk about how most people don’t consider the Book of Revelations a literal narrative which, by default, gives us reason to think these boys are Christian fundamentalists. This, in turn leads me to have the following questions (and probably Sa Rah, although I won’t speak for her here and she probably has other questions to boot):
How does one manage being gay and anti-gay?
Are these boys even out of the closet? I mean, they were young and one of them I questioned my gaydar about, but the other – the one doing most of the talking – he loves the rooster, no doubt in my mind. I wondered if he was funneling his sexual drive into his spiritual drive or how he reconciled his biology with the dogmatic interpretation of his chosen religion. (Granted, none of this may have at all been the case because I have a vivid imagination and like to fill in a lot of blanks about the conversations I overhear.)
We didn’t approach them or anything (I tend to give fundamentalists a wide berth ) and left the restaurant sort of intrigued by the possibility of gay fundamentalists.

Then we went grocery shopping and got into lazy mode.
I sho’ nuff loved lying on the couch, drinking stouts, and watching QE with my baby.

In other news,

I’m eating lasagna.

Hasta la pasta.

Pause, breathe, chew

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