24 Hour Comix Fundraiser

Here’s the deal, party people. Scott McCloud invented this thing called a 24 Hour Comic, where you get basically an entire day to create a 24-page comic book from start to finish. Yeah, from idea inception to a 24-page illustrated tale…in a day.

Now I’ve never done one, and probably never will because it would take me more than 24 hours to learn to draw, but there are people in your city (provided you’re reading this while somewhere in the KC metro) who do like to try this experiment. Better than that, these people would like YOU to come try it with them. Better still, these people would like you to come try it with them FOR CHARITY!

That’s right, kids. The man with more ideas in his head than God, KC’s own Rob Schamberger, is organizing KC’s first 24 Hour Comix Fundraiser (insert announcer-type echo here)!

So, my advice (with all respect to Bill Cosby), is to grab your crayons and your pencils – plus all the stimulants your body can handle – and e-mail Rob ASAP for details.

Carry on.

24 Hour Comix Fundraiser

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