The September Project

Over at is a list of activities happening in the KC area on 9/11. I (and maybe Sa Rah) will be out of town next weekend, but I hope these events generate some interesting discussion and community building.

Site Update:

The “Comix” section is up and running. Those who have visited BB! in the past will be familiar with the content but I hope to have some new work up soon.


I have no idea how I eneded up at your page, but whatever the route, your tale about your engagement is really good….just full of unadulterated happiness.
And yes, she is a very beautiful girl. Very.
Good story – me and my girlfriend enjoyed reading the whole thing and we had our own positive thing going on thinking about how life is indeed a good journey for most of the time.

Hope it all works out to be a lifetime of good things for you both.
“Resist the temptation to take apart the precious things in life ’cause they can never be put back together again” Billy Bragg.

Posted by: bisonkid at November 12, 2005 11:22 AM

The September Project

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