Damn, it sucks to have your feelings hurt

I don’t care to go into details about the experience because it’s best left alone, but suffice it to say that it ain’t no kinda good to have your perceptive bubble burst, you know, when you’re saying “tomato” but what gets heard is “potato” and relayed back to you as “yousucko”.

Humans are mysterious goofballs. The Brainbow knows. Still sucks to have your feelings hurt.

But this blog isn’t about my feelings and it’s not my diary. That stuff is for me to know and you to find out. No, this blog is a place for me to act a fool and pontificate on the world at large and ultimately to update you all on what’s going down in jdoublep-land.

To that end, this evening we were watching the delegates file into the RNC and the band out in front of Madison Square Garden welcoming the delegates was playing the perfect song for those about to praise Bush:
Chain of Fools…Ch-Ch-Chaaaiiin…
You’re selling out your souls, Republicans (rhetorically speaking, of course 🙂 ).

Ch-Ch-Chaaaiiin, Ch-Ch-Chaaaiinnn, Chain of Fooools…

I’m about to take a nighttime bike ride and really looking forward to it. Need to burn off some frustrations and recolor the Brainbow. WHOA – now they’re doing Broadway showtunes at the RNC – trying to court that undecided gay vote, I suppose. They’re pulling out all the stops.

Damn, it sucks to have your feelings hurt

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