Evidence, as promised.

Following through, pics from goth dress up night:

For those who just can’t get enough of these (and I know you number in the millions), I’m sure Sa Rah will soon put some up on her flog.


if crackwhores look that good, sign me up. i like the purple cami top. there are also some good crotch shots in the leather get-up. post some of those?

Posted by: rubigimlet at August 27, 2004 11:26 AM

ps. check out those pep’s!

Posted by: rubigimlet at August 27, 2004 11:29 AM

I’ll let you post them – WOW! – my monitor just flipped right out…the image halved in size then went back to normal.
Anyway, those crotch shots are great. I wanted you to post them though, seeing as how you engineered the shots.

Posted by: jdoublep at August 27, 2004 04:27 PM

Evidence, as promised.

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