Steam Burns Ouch

Be always aware of where steam rises. You may wind up burning your fingertip in a most dreadful manner.

The ABOUT index page is now up. I still have to finish the rest of the ABOUT section, but for now feel free to gaze upon the Brainbow…

In other news:
Sa Rah’s niece, Allyssa, turns 13 today.
We’re heading up to Lansing this evening to celebrate.

Tomorrow night, I’ve a meeting with KC artist, Marc Shank at the Crave Cafe about collaborating on a 6-page comic for the upcoming CCN anthology Show & Tell #3. All you comic writers and artists, the CCN is a great networking tool. I’m looking forward to working with Marc. He’s got a fun style that should mesh well with my script. I’ll keep you posted on how this particular collaboration goes.

Speaking of the CCN, check out member Jeff Blasyck’s newly revamped website (link at left – Cybershaw Studios).

I never thought about how much ambient light there is in the city until last night while shooting photos of night traffic. Setting the EV by my light meter overexposed the shot. Taking the exposure down a few stops from there didn’t help. Speeding up the shutter helped to get the light streaks I wanted, but caused lost details in the periphery. Playing with cameras is fun.

Reminder – need to bug professors for Letters of Rec.

Steam Burns Ouch

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