What Happened Sunday Night

Sunday night, August 22, 2004, 5:15pm:

I had an appointment at 5:30pm to meet with one of my bosses. I’m to housesit for him and his wife for a week starting this Friday and they wanted to give me the lowdown on my responsibilites. So, I hop in my car and drive out of our apartment complex. At the last building of our complex on 124th St, before pulling out onto northbound Antioch, I noticed a fire hydrant in the parking lot. I thought, Ouch. At the crossroads was an ambulance and in Antioch’s southbound lane were three police cars. I still couldn’t see what they were looking at. There was some debris in the ditch between the road and the building, but…OH!…a yellow VW bug (a new one) sat in between the southernmost building and the one directly north.

The car was thrashed and the corners of both(!) buildings fairly smashed up too. I called Sa Rah to tell her to go check out the scene. When I got home from my meeting, I asked Sa Rah if she wanted to walk up the street to take some photos of the damage. Once there, the lady who lived in the apartment of the first hit building (and the one with the most damage done) saw us taking photos and asked if we were insurance people. “No, ma’am,� I answered. “Just curious.� She then told us a bit more of what happened as she was walking up to her apartment at the same time the accident happened.

Apparently, the bug was turning west on 124th from northbound Antioch, somehow lost control, hopped the curve, drove through the ditch (just missing some trees), hit the corner of one building, which sent the car off-course into the corner of the other building, which it hit then bounced back to a positing facing west. The driver came out OK, albeit in shock. These photos are of the wrecked buildings and the inside of the first apartment. The apartment resident was cool with us taking photos so she could show her attorney.

Corner of the southernmost (first) building:

Corner of the second building:

Inside the apartment of the first building (Notice the light coming through. That’s a hole well large enough for a small dog to fit through, if one so desired. The occupant was rightfully upset that the maintenance crew decided not to place a cover over the damage.):

What Happened Sunday Night

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