Happiness is a Working Rollover

Last night I get home from work and the weather outside is so much like mid-to-late autumn I have to pause to remember it’s mid-August. Suffice to say, the weather is conducive to sitting in front of a computer, work clothes off, cozy clothes on, and plugging away at learning how to do an image map with rollovers in GoLive. Those of you out there proficient in GoLive might scoff at my ignorance but I tell you, there’s something satisfying about getting your work wrong, wrong, wrong, and then RIGHT-O, the damned thing works! For a few brief moments, I jumped up and down and felt like a web design genius. I even ran into the kitchen to spread the good news to Sa Rah, who had some good news herself about a new position she’s trying to get at her job.

At any rate, the rollover works and it looks smashing and I hope to have it up on BB! by Monday morn.

In other news:

This weather truly puts a damper on outdoor activities that involve a lot of dirt, although this morning’s ride in to work made me feel about 10 years younger and I bought my first mountain bike. .

Patty the Monkey is 29 tomorrow. Check out Pat’s store. Happy birthday, old pal.

Happiness is a Working Rollover

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