Kicking it Live

Whenever I take on a project I’m somewhat enthusiastic about, the project consumes me. I slack off at work, using the time to instead learn what I need to make the project a success. I wake up in the middle of the night to experiment with half-dreamed ideas about the project, which usually don’t work quite so well at 7 in the morning as they did at 3. My first attempt at designing a website (Imagination Addiction) was a hard-won success. Ultimately, the site failed because my index image was an animated .gif much too large to load in a timely manner. I claim the site as a success, however, because I learned how to use Dreamweaver. For the Badda Boom! Badda Bing! Project I’m teaching myself GoLive and Movable Type. It’s daunting but seeing as I don’t have many other challenges at the moment, the website redesign takes up the majority of my thoughts.

I’ve got some slick, yet simple, ideas for getting BB! up and running. One slice of the pie is this blog. I hope to commit a ½ hour a day to blogging, be it life updates, opinionated screeds, or interesting news bits. This sets up this section of BB! to be the most dynamic. In conjunction with the flog (see lower left), I think there’ll be plenty of updating. The Comix, Writing, Photography, and About sections will be more static but will over time, I hope, grow nice and content heavy. We’ll see how it goes. Right now I’m one day closer to kicking it live.

In other news, I highly recommend a spinach or Romaine salad with the following toppings:
Caesar dressing
Garbonzo Beans
Green Olives

In still other news, Sa Rah is joining up with the KC Roller Warriors roller derby team. Yes, she’s gonna be a Roller Derby Rock Star.

Kicking it Live

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