I Didn’t Vote for the bastard but I still took the $300 he sent me

Now I feel the blood on my hands…

I was sitting here thinking about how broke I am and remembered how, after being elected to besmirch our country, our Holy Father George W. Bush spurted out this writ. This clearly-well-thought-out decision landed me a check for $300, which I could sorely use right now but would happily give to someone who could tell me, without resorting to ephemeral language, what the Bush administration has done for them.

So, I put it to you, the ever-present reader, to let us know what this administration has done for you.

Have they made you feel more secure? In what way and how so?

Have they freed up your hard-earned income by issuing tax breaks?

Have they struck a chord with your personal desire to limit the freedoms of all non-WASPs?

While you’re at it, in what way (if you’re a conservative respondent who plans to vote for Bush in ‘04) is the Bush administration sticking to conservative ideology?

I’m not sure what happened to Conservatives Against Bush (their website isn’t up so no link), but here’s an article on the subject worth your time.

Also here’s a Conservatives For Kerry site spitting the same game.

I Didn’t Vote for the bastard but I still took the $300 he sent me

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